Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grateful Dead

Some Music for the New Year for all the Dead Heads

Patriots and Giants Football

The New England Patriots completed there regular season last night 16-0 with a great win over the NY Football Giants . The Giants had them on the ropes 28 -16 in the 3rd Qt but
Patriots as usuall fought back to win 38-35
Brady to Moss 65 yd bomb after a missed catch by Moss finally put them ahead
These were both records for Brady in Td passes of 50 and receptions of 23 for Moss
Giants played tough football at home but he cold and swirling winds were there last night to
help them
I do believe and it looked like from the start that whomever scord last would win
In todays game the offense has the advantage over D
I dont know how many times Giants ran the ball but you have to control the clock and not let Brady and company on the field
Time after time u could see it in Brady's and Mosses' eyes they wanted more
It was a great end to a great season now onto playoffs for both and maybe they will meet again

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Universal Health Care

_The Way We Are!!!_______________
Universal Health care
Ive just started researching this especially since Im still unemployed and have no health insurance
at presentbasicly because they want money I cant pay
So why should I be without health coverage, Good thing Im not sick or need medicine and Im lucky at
age 55
I found out that the United States is the only Industrialized country that doesnt have Universal
Care Great Britain has had it since 1948
I also found out that these for profit services in 1998 made almost a trillion dollars
This is 10 years later and we still dont have anything close to having care in this country
This is a human right we should have from our fellow man not one for monetary gain by just a few
This is one reference and link I foundUniversal Healthcare Action Network. (2001, December). Mission and Vision. Retrieved November 11, 2003
I also found out that the German people had healthcare as far back as 1880 when Bismarck was in power
Whether it was effecient or worked at that time ,thats over 120 yrs ago and someone must have known something
that people should have treatments for all there needs. People might say that this is to much government
control but that is besides the point if someone needs help
An ABC/Washington Post Poll shows that most Americans by a 2 to 1 margin would prefer some kind of
iniversal health care The skeptics say that this would only drive up taxes and this is more than likely a
conservative /republican train of thought
They will spend billions of dollars on arms to fight in other countries but wont supply our
own with adequate care
This was a quote I found from a top Republican candidate:
America is at a crossroads when it comes to our health care. All Americans want to increase the quality, affordability and portability of health care. Most Republicans believe in free-market solutions to the challenges we face. I believe we can reduce costs and improve the quality of care by increasing competition. We can do it through tax cuts, not tax hikes. We can do it by empowering patients and their doctors, not government bureaucrats. That’s the American way to reform health care." – Mayor Rudy Giuliani
This is again nonsense because the free marketing is not keeping down prices and hasnt in yrs
I also read in a nurses forum that countries that have universal healthcare people have to wait
on certain surgeries, I havent found out yet why but more than likely its because of money
that doctors arent getting .Again this must be greed and an unconcern for human lives
Im not done researching this topic but itseems to me that everyone seems to need totake a long
hard look at themselves and get real this is the 21st century
and that my friends is
"The way We Are"

Giants Can Beat Patriots tonight

The NY football Giants play the patriots tonight in there last game before the
playoffs. Many people say they should rest people but I dont.
They dont need to be going into playoffs on soft note They should and I hope they will
go all out,They dont want to be a team on Patriots page of history
Maybe just the swirling winds and gods of the meadowlands will let them beat those
Patriots Should be a great game
latin american world cup qualifing soccer football matches
Sporting News Limited Time Offer

Friday, December 28, 2007

Deer that Didnt

This Deer came about 10 yads rom me Xmas day about sunset. It was the best picture I could

get since I was shooting thru a window . There was 2 deer and after I finally scared them one hung around to finish off the brussel sprouts ,He thought they left some but stalks were bare

This was the first yr they touched them I guess they finally liked them

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bowls have returned

Bowl Games today The Motor city Bowl in Michigan
Tring to do some research on RSS feeds which I kinda had a few in my favorites

but dont know what to do with
Also I have to do my picks for the last wek of football season

Hopefully this link I added works
There it showed up for Espn Now how to figure out how to get certain people names
Ive been watching Mike and Mike in the morning with Sean Salisbury
Ive always felt hes pretty fair but when hementioned about fruit cakes I had to send him or tried sending him email about homemade ones not the ones u buy

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Way we Are

____The Way We Are!!!_______________
Today after I joined Helium I thought about what my first article might be.
As I was driving down the road dodging pot hole after pot hole this is what I
Each year the towns around here have been having a surplus of taxes
so they give back each person a couple hundred dollars thats if u own land
Well while dodging these pot wholes it dawned on me why dont they keep the money
and fix some of the pot holes
After all last winter one of these holes cost me 500 dollars in repairs one day
and I was lucky to get home
What Im getting at is these politicians think there doing some of us a favor
when there not
Does the infrastructure of roads and bridges have to crumble every year and our
cars keep breaking down,gas prices soaring,health care out of site, this is for another
day the health issue
So for today wherever u may live when your driving down the road
watch out for the pot holes and remember thats "The Way we Are"
Also when I was thinking what to write for my first article the movie
"The Guns from Navarone" kept coming to mind especially the scene where
David Niven was telling Gregory Peck he didnt know the men on Greece but he did
know the men on Navarone ,the ones he was fighting with and trying to save
In other words we should be saving our own butts first and not everyone elses
Its all fine and dandy to speak up and say things are for saving democracy for
our ancestors but what about keeping some of it for ouselves before its to late
Thats just "The way we are"
One other thing comes to mine about something I saw on TV the other night
Someone in California couldnt get an operation because he didnt have the right health care
That person ending up dying. This is the 21st century and how many people have to die
before we get universal health care in the United States
I presently dont have any my company went out of business and I cant afford $1200
a month Luckily I havent been sick or dont need any special medication
Its high time these politicians stop fighting and do something
and thats "The way we are"

Merry Xmas song

Merry Xmas to all in every part of the world. I liked this song that I would
like to share

Celine Dion says it all with this song and I feel the same

Have a Happy Holiday!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Parcells in Miami
found this on You tube for Tony Romo

this was great

Get the secret that make 1 man worth over
$300 million because he found a way to beat
Google's system so that he gets all his pay-
per-clicks for FREE while others have to pay.

Tuna goes Fishing!!
Bill Parcells is joinig the Miami dolphins as VP ,not coaching to help rebuild
Terrible Dolphins team that is old and slow
Parcells has always been a speed guy as witnessed with Lawrence taylor and Willie Mcginnest
great defensive players
Parcells also won 2 super bowls

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New York Mets

New York Mets Was looking at some old pictures last night and am posting picture of

1962 team It was a team that will last in infamy The '62' Mets lost 120 games still the

Major league record even tho approached a few yrs ago by the Detroit Tigers

Lsat night theMinnesota Vikings came back and beat the Bears 20 to 13

Also if I can get this Picture to show Every old time Mets fan should remember

Ralph Kiner ,Bob Murphy and Lindsay Nelson the voices of those old Mets teams

sometimes Kiner comes on these days for an inning or 2 with Keith and Ron on SNY

internet marketing
Everyone have a great Evening!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New York Giants

New York Giants Football That was a great game Sunday, Giants if they dont
collapse are in the playoffs

Eveyone have a great Night!
Giants will be great

Friday, December 7, 2007

Dec,7th ,2007

Washington Redskins beat the Bears last night 24to 16 The Bears missed on side kick
at the end to give them 1 more chance This was the first game for the Redskins after
the funeral for Redskins Sean Taylor who had been shot last week There were 6 players
from both teams who used to play at Miami
Off to get my new scanner in a little while Mothers buying me for Xmas
She insisted
Everyone have a great day!!
Sure would like to be on golf course instead

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baseball Today!!

Baseball Tonight!! Not sure what the latest news is havent had time

Maybe someone will send me a link or comment tonight

Tomorrow Im going to be doing some new stuff with ancestry

Just bought the program this afternoon

Everyone have a great Evening!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mlb Baseball 1: Detroit Tigers

Mlb Baseball 1: Detroit Tigers

Kasan Web Directory

Mlb Baseball 1: Mike and the Mad Dog#links

Mlb Baseball 1: Mike and the Mad Dog#links

Detroit Tigers

Florida Marlins traded Miguel Cabrera last night with Dontrelle Willis
to Tigers for 6 players apitcher Miller and OF Maybin with 3 more prospects
Cabrera is one of best hitters in baseball Just ask the Mets
he killed them this yr They could never get him out
Everyone have a great day!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mike and the Mad Dog

Mike and the Mad Dog Show
This show is the best for all sports in the aftenoons
you can either listen to on WFan or watch live on the Yes Network
Today was mostly football games from sunday
Great piece on the NY Giants

Check me out at

Sunday, December 2, 2007

something new

Giants getting beat tonight by the bears
Its snowy here tonight and still trying to figure out how to
get to see more people with similiar interests as me
Giving up for now back to football

NCAAA Football

NCAA College Football

What a mess they have now No one will be happy

LSU and Ohio St should be the teams but who knows Oklahoma

also deserves to be there

Missouri and West Virginia had there shot just like everyone else

Everyone have a great day watching the NFL

Official NCAA Football blog: Every Game Counts: Only a Notch Below the Real Thing

Official NCAA Football blog: Every Game Counts: Only a Notch Below the Real Thing

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Trying to add a slideshow tonight but I think I made something different!!

NCAAA Football

Football tonight
Not whats this going to do LSU is getting beat at half time by Tennessee 7 to 6
How about USC over UCLA 14 to 0

Lets Try this Sports fans!!

Time to go Food shopping

Wanted to add something else before I left to make sure this worked OK

Baseball Yesterday1

New York Mets The trade the Mets made with Nationals last night

may not be smart move They traded Lastings Milledge for Ryan Church and

a catcher Scheineder Neither are very good hitters Insiders say they could havegot

a good picture for him maybe Cordero Well see what happens in days ahead

because now they have too many catchers